Saturday, April 28, 2012


If you received the packet of letters from Farmington Woods Tax District as I did today you are getting what amounts to a pre-vote poll result. By my count there were 11 letters against and 5 for the bonding issue. If you use the method that Harvard came up with in a recent study, for every person that speaks up, either yay or nay, there are 26 others who just won't bother. 

In this case that translates to a theoretical final vote tally of 286 NO and 130 YES. Notice I said theoretical, because the total vote will hopefully be much larger. If we're going to live in a community with democratic principles rather than rule by the few, the more residents who participate in the vote, the closer we get to that ideal.

Another admittedly unscientific poll being run by AvonPatch at the NO's leading at present with 56% of the 85 votes cast. I have to thank AvonPatch for covering this story to the extent that they have. We are grateful. 

The comments section contained some real gems, but those by Thomas were priceless. He doesn't mind coming off heartless and mean spirited when he insults residents of this community with children, by proclaiming that "there is someone out there who will rent it from me, say....someone who cares nothing about a community, just want's cheap rent so their child to go to the Avon or Farmington School systems!"  

If you're alright with people living here for the good schools (as if that' not a selling point) he follows with the only thing he thinks can trump logic, fear:"Without a course it will become low income housing!" If that's the case Thomas I'm selling today. On the other hand, I love it here and I care about the long term financial health of this community and I'm not going anywhere.  

You all know how I feel about the bonds, but you probably don't know that I'm not pushing to close the course; I just want it to be the "self-supporting" enterprise that it was described as when I bought my place in 1999.

This is a turning point in the history of Farmington Woods. We can make the changes necessary to make Farmington Woods a financially viable community for the next 20 years or we can let our "leaders" sign us up for a "20 year debt sentence." against our will. See what I mean by turning point?

We're in the home stretch. The vote is 12 days from now. As my good friend, Jeff McInerny, head football coach at CCSU likes to say:  Fire Up!

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  1. Hey Lee,

    Thanks for posting the link to my Avon Patch poll. If anyone hasn't seen it already, I have another article up following the May 1 meeting. Feel free to comment and share with other Farmington Woods residents. I'll also be covering the final vote next week.

    Jessie Sawyer
    Editor, Avon Patch