Thursday, April 19, 2012


So the finance chair, the board president and the general manager all say we have no right to know what salaries the people running this place are pulling down, but they can't direct us to the written policy for this. And it's not their fault that FW bought the course in 1985 and it's now failing. To be honest its not fair to fault them for what happened in the past, but it is now their responsibility to make it profitable. I'd like to see that happen but I'm highly doubtful it will. They've had the last seven years to do it and haven't been successful. Golf is in trouble world wide and in Connecticut four courses that I know of have filed for bankruptcy in the last year or two: New London CC (not long after borrowing $4M for improvements. Sound familiar?), Tumble Brook in Bloomfield, Woodbridge and Oak Lane CC in Woodbridge.

In prosperous times golf flourishes, but in this economy people have neither the time nor the money for it and when they do they don't want to be stuck playing on the same course every weekend. Farmington Woods may be a challenging course, but it isn't suited for the "grip and rip" crowd thereby reducing its potential member base. Ask a resident golfer who doesn't golf here why he doesn't. They all have their own personal reason for playing elsewhere and more than a few of them are not happy paying for a golf course they don't use. And there are plenty of courses to choose from.

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