Monday, April 9, 2012


So the focus groups were held last year to decide what residents wanted to include in a 10 Year Strategic Plan for FW.  Sounds like a great idea until you realize that focus groups don't always focus on the people they're supposed to be focusing on. (The Ford Focus got it's name from a focus group which had grown bored and impatient and the irony of this was not picked up by the marketing team.)

Back in April 2011 I attended the District One Focus meeting for the Strategic
Needs Long Range Plan. There were approximately 8 or 9 owners. Some suggestions
were a bypass lane at the Guard-House; Residential roofing and painting; a physical
fitness work-out area, a reading/library area, and minor improvements at the Clubhouse.

The most dominating suggestion was made by a gentleman who spoke at length and with thorough knowledge of the present Golf Irrigation System and the need to rebuild it. It appeared to be prearranged.

Then on February 8, 2012, I attended an informational meeting on an appointed Priority List which was # 1 A NEW GOLF IRRIGATION SYSTEM, # 2 CLUBHOUSE ELEVATOR/NEW DRIVE-UP ENTRANCE, proceeding with new golf equipment, district buildings, roads, and # 6 on the list was our Residential Buildings.

May I point out that in the Proposed Budget 2011-2012, only $401,400 was
allotted for Buildings Maintenance & Repairs compared to a combined $1,118,908 for
Restaurant & Golf Staff Expenses.

On February 21,2012, I attended the Public Hearing where I heard mostly
negative remarks for the Golf Irrigation & Clubhouse Changes. I asked a week later for
minutes of the Hearing and was told there were no typed minutes, but I could pick-up a
audio disc of the meeting, which I did.

From the audio disc of the Public Hearing approximately only 10% to 15% either
mentioned or had favorable remarks of either of the two Bond Proposals.

Our Residential and other buildings, plus roads and paved areas should come
before a GOLF and RESTAURANT BUSINESS, and I hope the silent majority of
owners/residents VOTE NO on May 10th against both PROJECT PROPOSALS.
Joseph N.Caggiano
7 Crocus Lane

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