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This is why people at Farmington Woods have been reluctant to speak out or stand up to the boards about the golf course and clubhouse while these operations were losing our hard earned money over the last six years. It's reminicent of the two older "ladies" who took the time to harass my neighbor while she was walking her adorable two year old son in front of her own unit the day after the report aired, just because she was concerned enough to appear with us on Fox61 news. "Are you giving autographs", asked one. Moments later the second "lady" drove by, slowed down and told her "If you don't want to live on a golf course, why don't you move?"  This happened on her own street in upscale Avon. On her own street.! While walking her adorable two year old son! Stay classy ladies.

Hey 2chewman,  
Why are you wasting your time trying to distroy the fine community that we have at FW?  You are passing around your propoganda that is unsigned because you don't have the guts to show you face.  The junk that you are passing aroound is just your opinion.  You claim that this information if factual, but you give no references as to your sources.  If you think these small projects will bring down property values, wait til the local real estate agents tell prospective buyers that the residents of FW are against any improvements that are needed in our community.  Then try to sell your unit.  And another thing.  When there are meetings held by the MA, all people talk about are the idiots that disrupt these meetings with their screaming and yelling.  Your behavior is making your propaganda even less credible. If you owned a home, you would have to make improvements that would be costly.  Why don't you want to improve this community. I don't use the pools and tennis courts, but I wouldn't be against future improvements that they may need.  Didn't you see the golf course and the clubhouse before you bought your condo? Did you think it was all free?Stop being so selfish and think about  the damage you and your buddies are doing to Farmington Woods.           
A concerned resident,  Al Raducha

Just so Al knows, I'm against wasting two to four MILLION dollars on the course/clubhouse because that money would be better spent improving our NEIGHBORHOODS. It's a zero sum equation: every time the golf operation runs low on money and gets an advance of say $56K as they did in January after budgeting a $125K loss last July or the clubhouse gets to spend $140K of unused minimums as they did last year, that's money that won't ever make it to a fund to actually improve the residential aspect of this community.

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  1. when you drive through The woods on your way home everyday and hardly ever see any golfers coming up a fairway or on a green this tells us something.
    It makes no sense maintaining a course and borrowing 2 million dollars to upgrade an irrigation system on a course that is underused . sometimes hard decisions need to be made. There is no way this project is ever going to be justified. The Course just is not used enough to justify improving. Reality is reality so let's move on and come up with a new solution that benefits all Farminton woods residents not just a small minority.

    P.S. We all saw the golf course when we bought here but who knew it was a monetary drain on the community and was going to be like supporting someone else's hobby for the rest of our lives.

  2. Really, who knew? When we moved here they were still paying off the $1M bond they floated to buy the course in 1985. No one told us about this. We were told that the golf course was "self-supporting" and was not being funded by condo residents. It's time to divorce ourselves from the business that is Farmington Woods Golf Club and let them come up with their own solutions for solving the problem. The free ride has lasted long enough.