Monday, April 30, 2012


I hate to move Kay's letter even an inch down the page because of it's importance and relevance to this whole matter. But besides the bond vote on Thursday May 10th, tomorrow, May 1st ranks only behind the actual budget vote on May 17 as the most important date on the calendar this year at FW. We need to show up and let the board know how we feel about an 18% tax increase.

In the meantime I want to thank the "snowbirds" for doing their part to keep the whole process as democratic as possible. When these folks found out that the vote was originally scheduled for March, they sent a blizzard of emails north to leaders here who had no choice but to relent and reschedule for this month.

And it doesn't matter to me which way they plan to vote. I thanks them for their efforts.

As for me, I've been trying to do my part to educate anyone and everyone who would read or listen. It's what I do. I'm a retired teacher and that part of me will never die. 

This whole process has been about keeping people informed so that they can vote as informed voters, not be left in the dark subject to propaganda.

We need change at Farmington Woods. The golf course has the potential to be a wonderful asset to the entire community. But it won't be as long as a large group of residents resent funding something they are told they own, but don't get to use unless they pay thousands to do so. Unfortunately, we own a losing enterprise and we're all paying for it whether we play here or not.

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