Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have a lot of respect for the people who attend the monthly meetings and report back what transpires at these events. I don’t have the stomach or the endurance to attend and hear the same dismal reports month after month.

And I respect their anonymity. I started this blog as an anonymous enterprise and got my share of flack for not coming out. And when I did I’m not sure I got any more respect for doing so than I would have otherwise.

The good people that submit reports and rants anonymously have my respect and admiration. It’s just too bad that the atmosphere here at Farmington Woods prevents an open discussion about our present and future priorities without fear of retribution.

If you have a comment about anything written by my anonymous reporters and ranters you can direct them to me at 2chewman@gmail.com.


If you missed the August Directors meeting, here are the important updates that will affect you tomorrow:

First, from this point forward, if you need a document from the Master Association, the staff will gather it and copy the information but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. How pretty? $50.00 per hour for the staff, who, by the way are already being paid by you in your monthly condo fee’s, PLUS 50 cents a page to copy. 

(Editor's Note: The new condo law actually says records can be transmitted electronically. So if they're being sent by email that means they should not be charging 50 cents a page for copying they're not doing.)

Does it sound like this board is trying to discourage inquiries? Absolutely they are!!  It was suggested they post all documents on this website so that residents could access the materials but our sitting president shouted “You’re out of order!” and there went the best idea of the night.

The second great news is that we continue to lose money in the restaurant and golf operations. No shock there but what is apparent is this sitting board cannot make financial decisions to benefit all residents.

The Chairman of the finance committee reported that after his committee considered various options for the failing golf course operation, of which he is a member, they decided to increase resident golfer’s fees to equal that of outside golfers who play here. The chairman of the golf committee was opposed, even though he was given an in-depth explanation of how and why it should be done.

Cheap was the word of the night for the golfers in the room; they want to play at the cheapest price possible even though it’s coming off the backs of every resident, golfer or not.  And here’s the prize word of the night: Amenity. Our president suggested we make golf an Amenity. What is wrong with these people?

And now for the restaurant: we over buy the food and liquor 3 to 1. In other words, we spend three times the amount on food and booze than we sell. The food is perishable and the booze apparently is not such a hot product in the bar these days.

I understood that we bought very expensive bottles of alcohol to accommodate certain golfers who no longer play here. Now we are “stuck” with scotch that no one wants.

Anyway, we have decided we would offer some cheap lunches in hopes to boost the lunch crowd and get rid of the old food. With the same old crappy food being prepared, I don’t see that plan working very well.

Last, but surely not least (and the scariest thing I heard all night) came the report on the search for a new general manager. Our president told us we had nineteen applicants and several were interviewed over the phone. She thought there were some very good candidates.

Here is a brief summary of what she said: “The job description for the general manager is currently being updated because there were things that may need to be added to the job description.”  I wondered why anyone would interview for a position without a valid or current job description. But she assured us that “it was posted on the website and there was interest.”

I checked out the job description on the website and of no surprise and in keeping with our usual sub-standard “business” approach, all that is required to manage Farmington Wood’s $7M budget is a high school diploma! Can you say SHOCKED? What about Certification and the background check that is mandated by the State of Connecticut’s new condo law effective as of July 1st, 2012?

And if we can’t remember everything we want our next general manager to do, why not add this to the job description: “ALL OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED.”  It’s always been on every job description I’ve ever had and is legally binding.

Based on our past history with managers, we’re going to need it!

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