Wednesday, August 29, 2012


If you have submitted an application for one of the openings on the Executive Board, District Board and/or to volunteer for committee work, a reader has offered the following suggestion. I personally like it and would be happy to provide the forum for her wonderful idea. 

Suggestion for Upcoming Elections

I suggest that all who have submitted applications to run in the upcoming MA and Tax District elections, and/or to volunteer for committee work, send a copy of their application along with information about their qualifications to be published on this blog.

Even though we will be furnished with some of their names prior to the elections, the blog could allow residents to be better informed prior to voting.  It would encourage residents to think about types of experiences, skills and other qualifications most important for any given position.

Some additional benefits of such access to information would be to:

1.       Encourage more openness within our governing process,

2.       Allow residents to consider how their own skills, by comparison, might qualify them to become more active in our self-governing system,

3.       Increase awareness, interest, participation, and enjoyment in our community.

Additionally, this would provide an excellent opportunity to re-state the By-laws governing our elections. Its timeliness would allow more people to plan for absentee ballots for the MA election and to become aware that the Tax District currently is planning an election that does not permit absentee ballots.

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