Monday, September 24, 2012


This post needs little introduction. Simply put, our future as a condominium community will be determined when the Farmington Woods District holds a vote on Tuesday, October 30 at 6:30 pm in the North Lounge of the Clubhouse. 

The terms of three key board members are up and new leadership is needed. Keep in mind that the present membership consists of the folks who spent nearly $50K of our money just for research on the course/clubhouse boondoggle which an overwhelming majority of us voted against last May 10th.

So if you like it when people spend your hard earned money on things that only they care about with little regard for what the community as a whole wants, stay home, have a nice meal and watch your favorite sitcom.

But if you're tired of the "golf mafia" determining where your money is spent, by all means show up and vote for someone whose interest is the whole community, not just the part that's used six months out of the year, weather permitting.

I have a feeling this writer has more faith in the latter happening than I do, but it's always nice to be surprised.

10,000 hits on this blog in 6 months!
That’s equivalent to 10 for every unit in Farmington Woods!
Tremendous interest obviously!

This blog delivers very good questions, very good ideas/suggestions, and a clear indicator of lots of dissatisfaction, resentment and anger among residents. It’s encouraging to know that for every writer there are probably several more people who think similarly but don’t take the time to write. Unfortunately, even fewer tend to act, and with elections coming, we need to act.

Unless we do something, nothing will change. It was all too sad that after the huge voter turnout for, and success in defeating the bond issues, we had insufficient turnout to defeat the budget. By our absence we empowered the MA Board to do the very things we did not want in a piecemeal, more covert way.

To get a more transparent, fiscally responsible and responsive Board, we have to speak up and vote.  We have to encourage capable, fair-minded people to run for offices, and we have to get out and vote for them.

In 37 days (it will be fewer by the time this can be put on the blog), we have the Farmington Woods Tax District elections --- 7:00 PM, following a 6:30 PM registration period, on Tuesday, October 30.   If you wonder how important this election is, notice how closed it is.  Once again, there is no proxy. Once again, many of our residents will have gone south for the winter. 

Do you have to stand up and be counted before the eyes of the Board? Or do you get to have a private ballot in a box?

Do you know who is running? Do the new applicants even know if they have been approved by the Board to run? Once their names are announced, would you like to have a chance to find out a little about them? How much time does it take to do that? Will we be given as much choice as possible?

Who is going to vote? Who is going to help others get to the election place?
Let’s start planning now to be informed and participating voters. Let’s not sell ourselves short. Put this on your ipad, your smartphone, your calendar: Tuesday, October 30, 6:30 PM, the North Lounge of the Clubhouse.

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