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Every now and then I get an email that needs no further comment. This is one of those emails:

Well, here we go again, folks.  Remember the debacle of the two bond issues spearheaded by Irene Loretto, our board president?  Remember the $40K that was spent on architect fees etc?  That was our money as owners, not approved by the residents here, and we will not be able to recover it.  It is just lost money now.

And how is the search for our new general manager going?  It seems that the board of directors didn't want to spend money on a “headhunter” as it would be too expensive.  Really?  They usually ask for a flat fee or a fee equal to the first month's pay. Remember that $40K that went down the drain after we voted to veto the bonds?

I feel we can afford the headhunter as it is of the utmost importance right now.  It will NOT cost another $40K for a headhunter, nowhere near that.  Not to mention it would be going to a good cause. We'd actually get something for our money this time!  We need a new, credentialed and unbiased general manager as soon as possible. But things move slowly at Farmington Woods as evidenced by this:

The following is from the minutes of the July 30, 2012 Board of Directors meeting:

Search Committee Report
Carol Kardas reported on behalf of the Search Committee, Phillip Schenk (19 Applewood Lane), Richard Kisiel (1 Centerbrook Court), Peter Decker (44 Heritage Drive), Margaret Cory-Darby (27 Ashford Drive) and Bob McKeon (36 Applewood Lane) for the purpose of selecting a new General Manager. The group has not met as of this date. An advertisement has been placed in the Community Associations Institute website. More information will be forthcoming.

Carmine Fortino moved to hire an interim manager. The motion was not seconded.

So, search committee formed has not met and an ad has been placed with only the CAI website.

One intelligent, lonely member of the board, Carmine Fortino, moved to hire an interim manager.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Lord knows we really need somebody with the proper credentials to stand in until a permanent general manager is hired.  

But the motion was not seconded.  I find this unbelievable!  Nobody feels we need an interim manager but Mr. Fortino?  Of the nine board members who were present and could have voted, not a single one had the guts to second the motion, let alone vote to carry it.

But have no fear!  Here's what they decided, taken from the minutes:

After discussion, the function of General Manager will be absorbed by the current staff of Directors, Managers and Supervisors and the the Officers of the Board. Irene Loretto to oversee the Administration Department, Max Warren to oversee the Maintenance Departments, Michael Marchese Golf Operations and Harry Dermer Clubhouse.

Nowhere in the minutes was it noted that a motion had been made, seconded and carried by the board to agree to the above. What happened to Roberts Rules of Order?

Oh, and guess who is taking over the MA?  None other than Irene Loretto, board president, the person who spearheaded the bond debacle and lost us $40K to boot, without the proper qualifications required by the new state law. She doesn’t even possess a real estate license. 

Remember her article in the Valley Press where she was quoted as saying all realtors lie?  She's not popular with our area realtors now. Just who we want overseeing the MA.  We can't seem to get the “old boys club” to let go of the stranglehold they have on all the committees and boards, let alone our complex.  Not for lack of trying, I can assure you.

Since this will be a full time task she has taken upon herself, I feel she must step down from all committees, as well as the ad-hoc and ex-officio positions she currently holds  Conflict of interest, folks. 

And that’s just my opinion as an observer and owner at Farmington Woods.

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  1. I’ve been told that it’s difficult to log on and comment on this blog. For this reason I ask that people email their comments at If you request it, I will then submit your comment for you.

    Here is one such comment. Thanks for allowing me to print it.

    First, let me say I agree in concept with the Resident Rant. Those appointed to the committee to select a general manager are far too busy in their personal and professional lives to donate the required amount of time to choose the right person for this all important position. That being said, the committee chosen was hand-picked by the usual FW suspects; yes, folks those with the vested interest in keeping things the same.

    Sad to say that our current president is running the entire show here. NowI notice the workers, landscapers mostly, are hiding behind our buildings and tennis parking lots in an effort to avoid grounds work. And it shows. Many of us have hired outside garden people to weed gardens around our units despite the fact we never planted them and inherited them from previous owners. I noticed yesterday a Gal Friday cutting down dead shrubs from the four-plex next to me.

    But let us not forget we have been told “this is the most desired and beautiful place in CT to live” even though a large number of us know otherwise and overspend to keep our places somewhat presentable.

    I am in favor of hiring a headhunter to fill the position of General Manager at any price. But the selection of such a person is only as good as the interviewing team. Our interviewing team doesn’t have the sense to know what is good for all of us. They are part of a socially elite group that is not concerned with budgets and which never participates in committee meetings. I personally have never seen one of them at the BOD meeting, district meetings or any of our bond meetings. I attended them all. So here we folks, full circle. We can’t get out of our own way.

    Unfortunately, the BOD can spend our money like water because the condo law in CT gives them the right to do so. And CT laws supersede any condo bylaw that we may have on the books. That’s one of the unfair acts that CCOC is trying to overturn but can only do so with your help.

    Please sign up to be a member today. It only takes a minute; it’s confidential, free and an they areadvocates for all CT condo owners. We deserve to have the same rights as independent property home owners and by banding together as a group so our voice can be heard at the legislative branch. We need to change CT condo laws and demand more rights.