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Lot's of important things happening around here: Executive Board wants to hire a PR firm to undo what the media did to them over the last couple of months. Did to them? Couldn't have been that ridiculous boondoggle they tried to force down our throats in the form of a $4M bond that had something to do with it, no way! If the image of Farmington Woods has been soiled, no PR firm is going to help it. Stop draining the lifeblood out of the community for the losing golf operation and things will improve.

By the way, it's now "trespassing" to walk on the golf course even though you own it; a board member repeated the ridiculous propaganda that we all "knew there was a golf course here when we bought our units," so we should just suck it up and support this losing operation, after all it's an amenity and increasing your property values. Just don't walk on it. Best news of all from the Board meeting: the $2M irrigation system is now going to get done for a mere $43K. What was the other $1,957,000 going to be used for anyway? And where's the $43K coming from?

I'll get to these things in more detail tomorrow, but for now I'd like to mention just briefly how bad my lunch was today. When we first moved here, the taximum was $20 and the club was only open 10 months a year, so we would just forgo the monthly pleasure that the club provides and "donate" to the unused minimum fund. But when it went to $25 and then $30 and the club went to a 12 month calendar we did our best not to waste our hard earned money with such a foolish donation. Gift to the Woods? I don't think so.

After today's lunch however, it may be time to go back to our longstanding plan: 12 shrimp to go at $2.50 each. That covers the $30 just nicely and judging by our lunch today probably the wisest thing we could do, because today's culinary adventure at the club took the cake, so to speak. It's bad enough we get hit with this $30 per month assessment, but when you cash it in, you should at least be able to enjoy it.

My wife ordered the blackened chicken quesedilla and I had a BLT. Seemed like a safe bet. I've even had that sandwich before and it wasn't bad. But today, halfway through the first half I realized I was eating a BL. Hard as I tried I couldn't find the tomato in that half. Don't get me wrong, I love bacon and this was loaded with bacon, but the tomato was sliced so thin that it wasn't even a factor in the taste.

The blackened chicken quesedilla had chicken, not blackened, was oozing with far too much cheese and had all the tomatoes that my BLT lacked. I guess there was a mix-up in the kitchen. By the way, I spent a dozen years in Tucson, AZ and I know what a quesedilla should taste like. If you want a good one locally, try Murphy and Scarletti's across from the Health Center.

Their barbecue chicken quesedilla is to die for and it's also cheaper. And the guacamole is truly guacamole. They operate in the real world where if your product is bad and you run out of money to pay salaries you go out of business. That's the free market. This isn't. What we have is a socialized restaurant subsidized by public funds.

If you think that our experience today was an abberation or one time event, I can assure you it's not. My wife spoke with some folks at the Board meeting last night and they said they had been served raw fish last week. And it wasn't sushi. This is what happens when there is no profit motive.

As long as the clubhouse/restaurant is subsidized to the tune of $400K a year by residents and the goal remains to "break-even or have a slight loss" the food will never be good at the club. I watch a show called "Restaurant Impossible" every now and then. If Chef Irvine ever got a look at the books of this operation and a tour of the kitchen, all hell would break loose.

As a matter of fact if any of us ever got to see the books and look in the kitchen, another kind of hell just might break loose: people might start to question why they are forced to keep an operation going that wouldn't last three months in Avon, Farmington or anywhere else.

When we went down to Oronoques CC in Stratford last month, lunch was delicious, the service was great and not one resident of Oronoque Village contributed a mandatory dime to keep that operation afloat. Their product did.

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