Friday, June 1, 2012


Must be frustrating to be a successful professional like my friend, Peter Janus, who, having experienced life in the real world of the 21st Century, sees a problem and lays out an alternative strategy, only to have his ideas, energy and input totally ignored by the Status Quotians on both the condo and district boards. His plan for change didn't even get a mention at the monthly board meetings.

I get it. They don't want their little empire disturbed. After all, the Middle Ages are just fine with them. They get to hunt on the King's Land, as the rest of us peasants give a portion of our crops to his Majesty the King: Golf.

Anyway, I'd like to thank him personally for his efforts and give all of you a chance to see at least one of the alternatives that people who actually reside in the second decade of the 21st Century have come up with to solve the problems associated with socialized golf and restauranteurism.

One of these decades the folks in charge, who I can guarantee you are all for Capitalism and the Free Market in their personal financial dealings, will come to the realization that Farmington Woods and its golf enterprise should follow the rules of the American economic system: sink or swim. It's called Free Enterprise. What we have is anything but free!

It is our understanding that recently Al Miller resigned from his position as General Manager of Farmington Woods. In light of this development, we, the undersigned, recommend that the Executive Board defer the hiring of a replacement General Manager. Instead we suggest that an interim person be retained from outside of Farmington Woods, who would serve in two capacities. The first would be as interim general manager handling the basic functions previously performed by Al Miller. The second would be to head a study focused on the golf course and clubhouse/restaurant operations with the goal of developing some recommendations for turning them around financially. Such an individual should possess the necessary background and expertise to enable him/her to serve in both capacities.

During this same period of time (estimated to be 6-9 months) we further recommend that a search committee, composed of a representative, cross section of residents, be formed with the objective of defining/refining the future responsibilities and duties of the General Manager, the compensation parameters and the performance objectives that would be applicable to this position. The search committee would coordinate its activities with the second function being handled by the interim general manager, and ultimately the search committee would initiate a nationwide search to recruit an appropriately qualified individual.

We believe it is clear from the recent overwhelming rejection of the two bonding proposals that the Farmington Woods community is demanding solutions to the golf course and clubhouse/restaurant operations. Such solutions must be developed sooner, rather than later. We believe that the departure of Al Miller presents us with a timely opportunity to address these issues. It is also important that an objective, dispassionate, third party is needed to lead this effort to both analyze the current business models and prioritize possible solutions for these operations.

Respectfully submitted:

Peter Janus, 2 Redwood Lane

By the way, this document which the board chose to ignore, was signed by 35 other Farmington Woods Residents. As they like to say, we spoke, they listened. Just not today.

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