Monday, April 8, 2013


Nothing like a little controversy to bump up the numbers: hitting 20,000 page views shows that things are heating up around here and it's not just the late arrival of spring that's responsible. 

When you draft a budget with projected losses of :

-$130K for golf (usually increased by the following January) 
-$60K for golf infrastructure, including new irrigation and another cartpath 
-$60K for a new clubhouse roof 


-$1.1M in salaries for these two money losing operations


-post a "profit" of $22.5K for the restaurant courtesy of "restaurant common fees" (otherwise known as unused monthly minimums) of $145K out of $390K residents contribute in restaurant assessments in this and every fiscal year,

it's hard not to get upset when a line item for a measly $5K, chiseled down from $15K, for a playscape and a basketball hoop cause ageing males to play Kojak with resident children on bikes and flyers to be passed around, anonymously and unbelievably "person to person", that show nothing short of contempt for the children of Farmington Woods and their parents.

"They will move on" say the detractors, as if they themselves, won't be moving on anytime soon. It's not easy getting old, I ought to know.  But to me children represent light, life, laughter and vitality. I'm sorry some folks see them only as an irritant.

I just hope this is not the "way of life" that our newly elected President wants to "preserve" as stated in her profile statement from last fall's campaign: continued deficit spending on the golf and clubhouse operations, with a penny-pinching, Scrooge-like approach to the needs of those who will inherit the future and the loving parents who will guide them there.

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