Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wow! Heat waves, Greenland's melting and we're looking at hail and possibly tornadoes tomorrow. After last fall's "October Surprise" I tend to pay more attention to the forecasts.

All in all, however, it's been a pretty pleasant summer in Connecticut and Farmington Woods as long as you had AC. 

And as usual, it'll cool off and we'll get relief come September. But it could also heat up again in September if the best and brightest of us decide to participate in the political process here at Farmington Woods and get us back in the black again. And I'm not talking about the kind that comes when trees fall on power lines.

I'm talking about getting Farmington Woods caught up with the 21st Century by changing the way we do business here. There's no shortage of people with really creative ideas to make the clubhouse a profitable operation again, not by increasing minimums, but by doing away with them and making that operation work as it did for 27 years before the clubhouse assessment was imposed on residents in 1998.

The golf course? That's a pretty hard nut to crack, but a solution will be found, either by choice or out of dire necessity sooner rather than later. But it will take people who care enough to participate in the process here before any of this will happen.

That said, I received the following information from the MA regarding cut-off dates for both board elections. If you live in a district that is up for grabs you might want to consider running for one of the openings mentioned. For the District Board you can live in any district.  

Executive Board openings exist in the EVEN districts (2,4,6,8 and 10) and applications need to be submitted by August 17th.

Applications for District Board positions should be in by September 10, although there can also be nominations from the floor at the meeting October 30, 2012. 

Here's how it breaks down:

Master Association Executive Board
Irene Loretto, President                        1
Jim Killian*                                           2 (term up)
Jamie Cladwell                                    3
Harry Dermer, Vice President*             4 (term up)
Carmine Fortino                                   5
Max Warren*                                        6 (can run another 2 years if  he wishes)
Michael Marchese, Secretary              7
Martha Dixon, Treasurer*                    8 (term up)
Mary Ellen Quinn                                 9
John Buckey*                                      10 (term up)

* Even number elections - September 2012

District Board of Directors
Irene Loretto, President
Caroline LaMonica, Vice President*
Heinz Rosskothen, Treasurer
Dan Sullivan, Clerk*
Dirk Aube, Director*
Adam Briggs, Director
Nancy Landwehr, Director
Richard Matt, Director
Ivan Mendelsohn, Director

*Term Expires October 2012  -  all 3 can run again if they wish.

District Representatives
District 1 Joan Skydel – Chair, Barbara Ringwood
District 2* Kathy Apuzzo - Chair, Lauren McCoy
District 3 Sandy Rickard – Chair, Mike Hamlin, Sarah Lapuk
District 4* Peggy Winters – Chair, Carole Connolly, Audrey Hunt
District 5 Barbara Smith – Chair, Corinne Benninger
District 6* Joan Thomas – Chair, Mary Healey, Tom Heavren
District 7 Betsy McQueeney – Chair, Linda Murphy, Janice Glass
District 8* Gail Standish – Chair, Sue Grosch, Sy Reitman
District 9 Barbara Marsh - Chair, Bob Chamberlin, Patricia Santoro
District 10* Inez Bromberg – Chair, Jane Keeney, Marian Grey

* Even number elections - September 2012  all can run if they wish.

Call Jennifer at the MA for more information.

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