Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Richard Coffey
23 Cottonwood Drive
Farmington Woods
Avon, Connecticut 06001-4516

January 21, 2012

Ms. Irene Loretto
President, Farmington Woods District Board
P. O. Box 279
Unionville, CT 06085

Dear Ms. Loretto,

I thank you for your excellent work as the District President and for giving so much time and energy to the many dimensions and tasks that are required.

I write in response to your letter dated January 5, 2012, about the proposed $4 million borrowing by the District in order to upgrade the golf course and club house.  Because my work in the non-profit world of the performing arts never permits me to be present for community meetings (which I regret),  I hope that this letter may be entered into the record by whatever means is appropriate and acceptable.

I am strongly opposed to the proposal for several reasons:

·        If Farmington Woods was once considered to be a sports or recreation residential destination, I do not believe it can be so considered now, what with so many working families present.  I doubt that very many people purchase property here because of the golf course and may in fact do so in spite of it, though it has aesthetic appeal.
·        I can’t imagine any project for borrowing such a vast sum of money to be less worthy than one that has to do with leisure time and recreation.  There are other more pressing needs.
·        Already the golf course has become a debt to the non-club member homeowners, and that is egregious enough.  The golf course and the club must become self-supporting by those who make use of the facilities.  If that is not possible, I recommend the closing of the course, with the land become meadow or wild-flower beds, and the club house (thus relieving every one of the perpetually frustrating monthly charge no matter how little one makes use of the restaurant, if at all).
·        Eliminating the course and the golf club would reduce Farmington Woods expenses far and wide, including staff, maintenance, utility consumption, excessive traffic, and wear and tear on the property.
·        The present club house could be put to much better use by the 1100 home-owners by creating a fully equipped health/workout center and a well-stocked store for the purchase of food items, toiletries, supplies, and other of life’s daily needs.  This would be very popular, in my opinion.

I plan to vote against the proposal and will encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same.  Thank you in advance for your consideration of my position, and I hope that my remarks are either heard or read by the various bodies about to deliberate the proposal.


Richard Coffey

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